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Diatomaceous Earth is an incredible substance.  Made with 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, this is a colon cleansing, parasite slaying, health boosting product.

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our 😀 (colon D) is an incredible substance.  Made with 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, the list of benefits and applications for 😀 is extensive:

  • Gentle yet powerful Colon Cleanser
  • Anti Parasitic/Pest (internal and external, for humans, animals and plants/soil)
  • Strengthens hair and nails
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Improves Skin Health as an Exfoliator
  • Teeth whitener
  • source of Silica and other minerals and trace elements

This is not a new age product at all and is used across industries for the same uses as well as for water filtration in ponds/pools and as a growing medium for hydroponics.

We use the symbol of ‘:D’ to summarise all the benefits – no matter which way you look at it, using 😀 is about a happy you – a happy belly, a happy heart, a happy body.

While not everyone advocates the internal use of this material in humans, I have used it extensively with my family in all applications and can personally attest to its effectiveness as an anti-parasitic, as an incredible booster for hair and nails when taken in adult doses (around a heaped tablespoon 1-2 times daily), and as a tooth polish used alone or with toothpaste to leave a smooth, polished feel.

How does it Work?

😀 works mechanically, not chemically in the body, as such, it is impossible to ‘overdose.’  The sharp edges of the diatom fossils both gently scrape the colon and slice up parasites, meanwhile the absorbent nature of the 😀 absorbs oils and fluids from the parasites drying them out.  This same mechanical action applies when using 😀 on/in pets, plants or on soil as an insecticide/pesticide/anti-parasitic.  For this reason, avoid getting 😀 in your eyes as it does have a drying effect. Similarly, don’t breathe too much of it in.

Anti Parasitic

All parasites work the same way – they trick a host into thinking it (the parasite) is them (the host).  This way, a parasite gets what it wants and the host can’t work out why its body, mind, emotions, whatever, aren’t behaving as they intend, or why their energy levels or resources aren’t where they ‘should’ be.

While there are many benefits to this product as already listed, the reasons we expanded our product range to begin offering it to you was because of its incredible effects on hidden parasites you may not even know are there.  The WHO estimates nearly 3 BILLION people currently carry common parasites that come from soil, and that doesn’t count air, water or space borne. It is estimated by some researchers that 85% of people have parasites at some point in their life, and at any given time in the UK up to 50% of all children under 10 have the most common parasite (pinworm) and that doesn’t even count the others that are less worm-like.

These numbers are staggering, yet because these sophisticated ‘hiders’ are so good at concealing themselves, it can be too easy to put our issues down to other reasons – stress, work, state of the world, not enough sleep etc.  Then when it does come to light, it can seem an embarrassing subject to tackle.  These figures should help put your mind at rest that parasites are SO common, that to not have a quick and effective natural solution in the cupboard just feels remiss.  Or it does to me now I know about them!

It was only when I saw that my family were exhibiting signs of parasites that I came across this product.  Our two year old was transformed overnight by a fraction of a teaspoon of this material from being a stroppy grump for months on end into a bright and bubbly child again – overnight.  I personally slept better after ONE dose and felt a calmness return within me, not realising that my agitation and restlessness had been my body trying to tell me something ‘wasn’t right’ and I was simply unable to diagnose it, putting it down to not enough sleep, stress, etc etc.

Use this product for any reason listed, but mainly I suggest its use as a preventative from letting these little stealth residents get a foothold.  It is now part of the regular regime for the whole family, and its easy to take, nearly tasteless and can be added to liquid or food.

(Secretly, if you have a grumpy or irritable relative, one who isn’t sleeping well, or has any of these other symptoms, cook them a meal with a spoon or two of 😀 in it and see if their behaviour changes.  If it does, you’ve done everyone a favour, if not, then no harm done and they’ve had a great silica boost in the nutrition.  Consider it a ‘secret ingredient’ in you recipe cupboard, just like the secret herb or spice that makes your signature dish wow folks!)


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Feels good to take; my craving for sweets has noticeably declined after starting with this.

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